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Etablished in 2006 by Mrs. Saeeda Salim

About Us

We are creative and professional Education System

SISA – School of International Studies in Sciences & Arts was established in 2006 by Mrs. Saeeda Salim. Our student body ranges from students of Preschool to IGCSE/GCE O’ & A’Levels. We offer qualifications from Cambridge Assessment International Education, Pearson-Edexcel, AQA and OCR. We also offer BTEC Level 3, 4 & 5
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SISA – School of International Studies in Sciences & Arts

key features and strengths

  • The School of International Studies in Sciences & Arts (SISA) boasts several key features and strengths:


  • Established Leadership: Founded in 2006 by the experienced educationist, Mrs. Saeeda Salim, with over 30 years of national and international education expertise.


  • Comprehensive Educational Offerings: SISA caters to students from Preschool to GCE O’ & A’ Levels, offering a wide range of educational opportunities.


  • Flexibility with Online Learning: SISA offers both on-campus and online classes, providing flexibility for students.


  • Customised Tutoring: The school offers a tutoring section where students can enroll for specific subjects. They have an orientation session with teachers to address problem areas and plan lessons accordingly.


  • Late Admissions Accepted: Students who feel they are late in applying are welcomed at SISA, and the school ensures they catch up on any missed work or classes.


  • Multiple Learning Options: SISA provides a choice between the “Targeted Teaching Option” and the “Group Study / Hybrid Option,” allowing students to select the one that best suits their needs and preferences.


  • Targeted Teaching Option: This option offers personalised instruction with a low student-to-teacher ratio, the flexibility to choose the curriculum, and opportunities for co-curricular activities.


  • Group Study / Hybrid Option: In this option, students can join existing classes, either on-campus or online, following the International Oxford Curriculum.This option also allows for co-curricular participation. 


  • International Curriculum: SISA offers an interactive, adaptable, and international curriculum based on the updated course from Oxford University Press, aligning with GCE O’ & A’ Level requirements.


  • Curriculum Flexibility: Parents and guardians have the option to choose the school curriculum or have their child follow the same syllabus as their previous school through the “Targeted Teaching Option.”


  • Official Recognition: SISA holds necessary registrations and affiliations with the Education Department and other educational bodies, ensuring the quality of education provided.


  • Progress Tracking: SISA Online tracks student performance, including attendance, assignments, and tests, and issues official SISA Report Cards upon successful completion of assessments and exams.


  • School Leaving Certificate: In the event that students wish to discontinue their studies with SISA Online, they are provided with a School Leaving Certificate specifying their grade and promotion status.


  • Demo Classes: SISA encourages prospective students and their parents to attend demo classes to meet teachers, discuss academic history, and address any concerns or queries related to teaching methodology, fostering a strong teacher-student relationship.


  • In summary, SISA excels in offering a diverse range of educational options, personalised learning, and a strong focus on meeting the needs and expectations of its students and their families.


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Our Mission

At our institution, our mission stands as a beacon of purpose. We are dedicated to fostering an environment where knowledge thrives, curiosity is nurtured, and aspirations are transformed into achievements. We aim to empower individuals, irrespective of background or circumstance, with quality education, fostering a community that values integrity, innovation, and lifelong learning. Our unwavering commitment lies in sculpting future leaders and global citizens, instilling not just academic excellence, but the values and skills necessary to thrive in an ever-evolving world.


Our Vision

The objective of education is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives. The important thing is not so much that every child is taught as that every child is given the wish to learn. The question we must ask as teachers, is NOT… “Did the students complete all the assignments or did they finish their homework,” but rather “Did they understand what they were supposed to, did they retain it over time and can they use it in ways that demonstrate understanding at a high level.”

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