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School of International Studies in Sciences & Arts was established in 2006 by Mrs. Saeeda Salim. She is an eminent educationist with over 3 decades of experience in the field of education both nationally and internationally. SISA caters to students from Preschool to IGCSE/GCE O’ & A’Levels – through classes held on campus and online (Hybrid Teaching Model).
The Hybrid model of teaching the classes that are taught on campus at SISA are broadcast live and students from across the globe log in and join the classes. They experience an actual classroom environment; submit assignments, sit for exams, participate in co-curricular activities all from their homes. If you can’t come to school, we’ll bring the school to you!

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When you look at schools, ask about the kinds of studies.

Our Programs

Our pre-school program provides a nurturing and stimulating environment where young minds embark on their educational journey through interactive learning experiences

Our O Level program offers a comprehensive curriculum designed to provide students with a strong academic foundation, preparing them for advanced studies and future success.

In our A Level program, we offer a rigorous and specialized curriculum aimed at nurturing critical thinking and preparing students for higher education or professional endeavors.

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Cutting-Edge Learning Atmosphere

We fosters an advanced learning environment equipped with modern technology and innovative teaching methods.

Tailored for Your Success

 We prioritize a student-centric approach, customizing educational experiences to suit individual learning styles

Building Strong Connections

Beyond academics, we promote a supportive community where students, faculty, and staff form lasting connections

Preparing for Professional Success

Our comprehensive education model is designed to prepare students for the challenges of the professional world

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Teaching Process

Our Teaching process :- How we teach our Students

We teach our valuable students in four simple and easy steps that are mention here



Our teaching process commences with a meticulously crafted concept, setting a robust foundation aligned with the latest educational standards.



We meticulously structure lessons and activities, ensuring a well-organized curriculum that caters to diverse student needs.



Our approach blends innovation with proven methodologies, adapting to various learning styles for an engaging educational environment.


Hard Work

We measure success not just by academic achievements but by fostering a passion for learning and equipping students for lifelong success.

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